Here are our top tips for making the best of a bad situation.

Natural Disasters can happen at any time but this year we seem to have seen more than our fair share of fires, floods & earthquakes.  So we whole-heartedly recommend that you have adequate insurance in place to cover your trip.

Apart from the very obvious incidents there are often knock-on effects which can cause you problems and inconvenience.

  • Aircraft or ferries may be caught up in the disaster and therefore they will NOT be in their next position ready to continue their planned schedule. SO your flight or next trip may be delayed.
  • You may have to hire a car or take a train to get to your next destination.
  • Hotels in your area may suddenly get booked up which may mean you have to curtail your trip.

If you think you may have to claim on your insurance please contact them first to make sure they are going to cover the cost.  You will probably only be covered if the event has happened SINCE you bought your policy.  If you knowingly travel to an area which is already under threat or where there has been an incident then it’s likely that you will NOT be covered.

  • If you do get caught up in an event then try to get some written confirmation from your airline or hotel that it actually caused the problem.
  • Keep your passport and ID documents on your person if at all possible.
  • Keep the receipts for anything that you have to buy that you think you will be claiming for.
  • Retain any boarding passes or ticket stubs to prove you undertook any extra journeys, etc.

We hope, of course that you won’t need to do any of this but be prepared – just in case!