London has been named the most popular business travel destination by participants in the inaugural Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report.



A total of 85% of business travellers from the UK, Germany and the US have made a trip to London. Findings show those from the finance sector top the list. Most noteworthy, 47% of respondents have visited the city for a conference.

The research shows British business travellers make more trips than their German and American counterparts. Travellers have taken an average of two or more domestic and three or more international journeys in the last year. Conferences are the main reason for travel, with 39% of those surveyed naming this as their purpose.

The finance, legal, manufacturing and transport sectors are more likely to sit in premium economy seats for long-haul flights. Travel, media and pharmaceutical industries tend to utilise business class. The report shows travellers in the energy sector were the ones most likely to sit in first class.

When it comes to booking flights and accommodation, safety is the top consideration taken by buyers and travellers, although those flying in first class are the least likely to be concerned by safety. Speed and efficiency are the most important aspects of deciding on how to travel to and from the airport.