Does your company have a travel policy and is it enforced?

Most companies tend to have a basic policy in place even if they deviate from it all the time but why have one in the first place? Most people are aware of the usual benefits;

  • Ensures travel parity throughout all grades of traveler
  • Defines clear boundaries for when various products & services may be used.
  • Sets a financial limit of subsistence for travel and lodging.
  • Introduces a control element so that all travel is properly authorised.

But did you know…?

  • Your company can get better hotel rates by everyone using the same property or chain. By mandating usage of specific hotels in a policy even better rates may be achieved. Additionally the hotel recognises the value of repeat clients and will often provide “value-added” services like free Wi-Fi or parking, complimentary breakfast, manager’s cocktail hours for lone business travellers, etc.
  • The company needs to know where you are and can only keep tabs if you make your plans through the prescribed channels. “Corporate & Social Responsibility” means they have a Duty of Care to make sure you are safe and well provided for whenever you are travelling on business.   If you’ve deviated or gone and done your own thing then they might not be ready and able to help you out in a crisis.
  • If your travel arranger knows where you are (roughly) then in the event of a political crisis or natural disaster or some commercial disruption then the Travel Management Company can get ahead of the crowd and get you re-protected on alternative travel plans as oon as the news breaks and hopefully ahead of the crowd. This means YOU will be on the flight home and not at the back of the queue trying to find out what’s happening.
  • By keeping track of your movements your company can also calculate your travel miles and therefore estimate your carbon footprint. By receiving the reports for all travellers “footprints” on a regular basis your company is able to take steps towards being “carbon neutral” , maybe by planting trees somewhere or some other eco-friendly method.