Case Study

One of Baxter Hoare’s clients, a major PLC in the publishing business, approached us for help in streamlining their booking process and driving down travel costs.

Bookings had traditionally been made via phone and email with limited compliance to travel policies.  Furthermore the manual process involved in the booking and approval process made later tracking a time consuming and ineffective process for the company.

Our client tasked Baxter Hoare with providing them with a solution to streamline the booking process, automate the approval process and enforce travel polices.

Case Study Results: The Solution

Working with the client, Baxter Hoare initially scoped out the project, and then defined the plan needed to deliver on the client’s requirements.

The project took a number of steps including:

  • Consultation with a pilot group of travel bookers to understand their needs and requirements
  • Meetings with senior management to answer any questions they had and ensure 100% support for the project
  • Discussions with the accounts payable team capturing the information and data they needed for post booking reconciliation.
  • On-site and online training for all involved.
  • Full roll-out of the Baxter Hoare Self-Booking-Tool
  • Weekly reviews with progress reports

The Result

  • 96% adoption rate of the Baxter Hoare self-booking tool
  • A more streamlined booking process
  • Huge ramp up in adherence to travel policies by travellers
  • Administration reduced and reconciliation vastly improved
  • 20% reduction in overall travel spend for the client.


96% user adoption rate of online booking tool


20% overall reduction in travel spend

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