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    Business travel services

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    With a dedicated team of business travel consultants, we can offer your company expertise and knowledge accrued over many years of looking after organisations from the small business right up to global corporations.

    We’ve been doing this a long time, so we know that when it comes to travelling for business, you need to feel 100% certain your travel arrangements are the least of your worries. That’s why we feel it’s important to get to know you, your travel preferences, and your personal needs and expectations.

    Our job is to make yours easier

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    When planning a business trip you’ve got to concentrate on what will make it a success.  As your travel partner, we’ll do the rest to make sure you get there and back in the most convenient, hassle-free and timely way.

    We have technology that will communicate your corporate policies throughout the booking process helping your travellers stay within compliance.  We’re also able to provide reports on travel spend and booking trends. This means that your travel manager can monitor what’s happening and implement changes to the company travel programme if needed.

    Case study for a major publishing PLC

    One of Baxter Hoare’s clients, a major PLC in the publishing business, approached us for help in streamlining their booking process and driving down travel costs. Find out how we helped them achieve a 20% overall reduction in travel spend.

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